We were treating victims of abuse, and had no idea. The absolute disconnect was startling.
Dr. Mohit Bhandari
We Were Treating Victims of Abuse, and Had No Idea
I was surprised one evening in December 2003 when my wife — a social worker with a focus in care of victims of domestic violence — began asking me details about the management of serious bone fractures.

Even though I was specializing in orthopaedic trauma, and we'd been married five years, she'd never before taken an interest. I knew it wasn't mere curiosity.

She explained how many women arriving at a centre for victims of violence in Minneapolis, where she worked at the time, had been treated for serious fractures as a result of abuse — including fractures of the pelvis, humerus, clavicle and ankle, as well as dislocations of various joints. I knew — without a doubt — that an orthopaedic surgeon would have been involved in care for every one of these.

Yet the next day, I asked the surgeons I was working with in my trauma care fellowship if they recalled treating any patients with fractures incurred by domestic violence. The response was a resounding “no.” Not one could remember the last time they’d seen a case.

The absolute disconnect was startling.

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Dr. Mohit Bhandari, MD ’94, is Professor and Chair at McMaster University’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and Canada Research Chair in Evidence-Based Orthopaedic Surgery. He has received the Order of Ontario was named member of the Order of Canada this year, for his research and advocacy related to intimate partner violence and the role of orthopaedic surgeons.
Hinton and Naylor
Hinton and Naylor Call on Physicians to Embrace AI
Two leading U of T minds talk about the life-saving potential and barriers of artificial intelligence in health care.
Plant-based Diet Helps Lower Risk Factors for Heart Disease
U of T researchers find the portfolio diet reduces blood pressure, triglycerides and inflammation.
Sharon Straus
Addressing Unprofessional Behaviour Among Physicians
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Smarter Radiation Therapy with Artificial Intelligence
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André Picard Talks Cannabis with UofTMed Clinicians and Researchers
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Sara Franca
Sara Franca Joins UofTMed as the New Director of Alumni Relations
“UofTMed’s strong reputation is closely tied to the impact made by our 58,000+ graduates around the world, and I look forward to working with my colleagues to explore new and enhanced ways to meaningfully connect with all of you. I encourage you to get in touch, at sara.franca@utoronto.ca or 647.998.5733.” — Sara Franca
David Malkin
Malkins and Medicine: Three Generations of Medicine and Philanthropy
Drs. David & Mark Malkin build a family legacy of philanthropy in honour of their mom, the late Dr. Dina Gordon Malkin, MD ’09.
Oren Kraus
Donnelly Grad to Accelerate Cancer Drug Discovery
Oren Kraus’ AI-powered startup has raised US$1.5 million to transform biomedical research and drug discovery.
Dr. Keith Wong, MD ’09
Avoiding False Starts Through Mentorship: Dr. Keith Wong, MD ’09
After switching residency programs from obstetrics to family medicine, Wong helps MD students avoid some of the obstacles he faced.
Dr. Manveen Puri, MD ’13, PGME ’15
Military Medicine: Dr. Manveen Puri, MD ’13, PGME ’15
Puri opens up about his dual role as physician and soldier.
Barbara Baptiste
Stepping Up for the Injured: Barbara Baptiste, MSc’05 (RSI)
After recognizing a gap in care for those with traumatic injuries, Baptiste set out to bridge it.
Dazed + Confused
Dazed + Confused
Confused about cannabis? Welcome to the club.

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