Look up “impostor syndrome” and whenever you doubt yourself, read it. You belong here, no matter what you think. And remember the onion: you will learn everything you need to know slowly, and over time — peeling back the layers.
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“Remember the Onion” — UofTMed Alumni Words of Wisdom
Over 300 UofTMed alumni and friends came back to campus for Alumni Reunion earlier this month — and many took the chance to leave their words of wisdom for incoming students.

But you don’t have to be here in person to share your perspective with the next generation — email us at alumni.medicine@utoronto.ca and we’ll be sure to pass your message along.

Read some alumni words of wisdom:

“Look up ‘impostor syndrome’ and whenever you doubt yourself, read it. You belong here, no matter what you think. And remember the onion: you will learn everything you need to know slowly, and over time — peeling back the layers.”

   — Dr. Kaitie Turchin, MD ’09

“It’s easy to get lost in the weeds of your experiments and get stuck in the never-ending lab work. Develop yourself outside of science. Network, and learn how to talk to people outside of your field about your ideas and research.”

   — J.J. David Ho, BSc’06, PhD’13
Dr. Adrienne Chan
Committed to Equity and Social Justice
Dr. Adrienne Chan, MD ’00, PGME ’06 has treated Toronto’s SARS patients, helped get 13,000 patients in Malawi on antiretroviral therapy for HIV and worked with the WHO in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak.
microbes to stem cells
From Designer Microbes to Stem Cells — New Strategies to Treat Bowel Disease
U of T’s David McMillen and his research team are creating a new life form to ward off disease — a bespoke, gut-dwelling microbe engineered to release drugs when needed.
Professor Zulfiqar Bhutta
Plugging Data Gaps: Food and Global Child Health
Professor Zulfiqar Bhutta, scientist at U of T’s Joannah & Brian Lawson Centre for Child Nutrition, is defining the “food environment” in low- and middle-income countries.
Professor Amy Caudy
A Quest for Metabolism's Missing Links
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Metabolomics speaks on how growing up on a farm helps her understand metabolism.
UofT Pride
UofTMed Celebrates Pride Month
Video: Faculty and Students tell us what Pride means to them. Learn more about 2018 Pride events @ U of T.

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Faces of U of T Medicine: #UofTGrad18
Faces of U of T Medicine: #UofTGrad18
The MD Class of 1T8 shares some of their best moments in medical school, what inspired them to become doctors and words of wisdom for incoming students.
Dr. Grace Muthoni
Ripple Effect for Global Surgery: U of T’s Prakash Fellowship
AK Prakash fellowship alumni gathered in Toronto recently. “They’re improving care, and also launching their own training programs in their countries — the ripple effect is continually expanding.”
Rupal Patel
Designing Voices: Rupal Patel, MHSc ’95, PhD ’00
Renowned speech scientist Rupal Patel uses AI to create personalized digital voices with her company, VocaliD.
Dr. Joseph Chin
Urology and University Life: Dr. Joseph Chin, MD ’78
Recipient of the Canadian Urological Association Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Chin is a leading expert in urology surgery and prostate cancer research.
Dr. Judith Beamish
Insurance Risk and Pandemic Planning: Dr. Judith Beamish, MD ’76, PGME ’83
From cardiologist to insurance medicine specialist, Dr. Judith Beamish hasn’t followed a typical trajectory.
Jack Tu
Remembering Professor Jack Tu, PGME '92
“A tireless researcher and clinician scientist, Jack made significant contributions to measuring and improving the health and quality of care for Canadians with cardiovascular diseases,” says Dean Trevor Young.
Cannabis is coming. When the final barrier to legalizing marijuana is removed this year, few health professionals will be prepared. That’s because the info­rmation we need mostly doesn’t exist.

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Panel of Speakers
UofTMed Inside the Issue delves into the health implications of cannabis and what we can expect with the legalization of recreational use. Featuring panelists: Dr. Alan Bell, Dr. Mark Bonta and Courtney Brennan. Moderated by UofTMed Editor Heidi Singer with comments from Dean of Medicine, Dr. Trevor Young.

Missed the event? Catch up on the conversation with our podcast.
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UofTMed Alumni Weigh In on Prescribing Cannabis

“I have never witnessed or heard of a case of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) in a patient using cannabinoids under medical supervision. Unfortunately, many continue to mistakenly conflate medical with recreational use, where cannabis is explicitly taken for the purpose of intoxication. I have managed, to a great extent by the use of cannabinoids, to virtually eliminate opioids from my practice. With the opioid death rate continuing to rise in Canada, perhaps it’s time to park some of our hypocrisy, and be a bit more open-minded, when it comes to the plant-based medicine.”

   — Dr. Peter M. Blecher, PGME ’93

“Patients frequently ask me about cannabis for pain, sleep, and appetite stimulation. We have many other well-supported treatments for these symptoms — both pharmacological and non-pharmacological. I recommend that they try these first. There are, however, many patients who do not respond to traditional treatments and medical cannabis may be a logical choice. Cannabis is poised to be a hot topic in medicine for years and I thank U of T for this comprehensive issue.”

   — Evan Lilly, MD ’15

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Volunteer as a mentor with U of T Medicine’s Diversity Mentorship Program. Connect with first and second year MD students from equity-seeking groups looking to gain educational and professional development.

Calling all MD alumni in non-clinical careers

Help MD students learn about career paths outside of clinical medicine. If you are an MD alumni working in a non-traditional or unique field, please email Karen Lee to find out how you can get involved.

Director of Alumni Relations Bids Farewell to UofTMed

“It’s with mixed feelings that I am leaving UofTMed after almost 10 years, to serve as Executive Director, Alumni Engagement at York University. It has been an honour to meet with you, share your incredible stories and celebrate your achievements. Please continue to keep in touch with the UofTMed alumni office by connecting with Karen Lee, Alumni Relations Officer, at karen.lee@utoronto.ca. Wishing you all the best.” — Julie Lafford
AUG 15 - 17
Too Much Medicine Symposium 2018
Overdiagnosis and overtreatment are causes for increasing concern. The XXIX Paulo Scientific Symposium will bring together international scientific experts to raise awareness of problems related to medical excess and to identify the best sustainable evidence-based practices.
SEPT 28 MyGOALS — Multi-disciplinary Gynecologic Oncology Annual Lecture Series
This one day program provides an update on advances in surgical management, systemic therapy, radiation therapy and survivorship care for women with gynecologic malignancies. Featuring presentations from Canadian experts across gynecologic oncology disease sites..
Starting OCT 16 CPD Foundations
A webinar-based certificate program designed for professionals working in medical education who are interested in learning how to build effective and successful continuing professional development programs.
OCT 22 – 25 Wilson Centre Atelier - Qualitative Research: An Introduction
A four-day program in qualitative education research for participants interested in gaining a basic understanding of qualitative research principles, methodologies and applications.
OCT 26 Toronto Neurology Update
This year’s conference is directed to helping non-neurologists like general practitioners, general internists, psychiatrists, geriatricians, emergency physicians and others improve their skills and knowledge with regards to evaluating patients with common neurological presentations.
OCT 26 UHN Palliative Day
This program is aimed at physicians, nurses, social workers and other health professionals that do not specialize in palliative care but provide care for patients with life-limiting illnesses.
OCT 27 Arthritis Day for Primary Care Clinicians
This conference is designed as an evidence-based and current approach to early assessment, investigation and management of musculoskeletal disorders. Participants will develop a structured and concise approach to the assessment of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

U of T Medicine alumni and friends
We were thrilled to see over 300 U of T Medicine alumni and friends on June 1 & 2 for Alumni Reunion. The entire campus was buzzing with excitement as we held the Alumni Awards reception, the MD Mentorship Breakfast, UofTMed Inside the Issue on cannabis, the CPD workshop on wellness, class reunions and many other great events.
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