When we made our foray into mentorship matchmaking, we had a few surprises along the way.
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Katie Mattina and Samik Doshi
UofTMed Students: How I Became an Alumni Mentorship Matchmaker
By: Katie Mattina and Samik Doshi

As the 1T8 MD class co-presidents, we were looking for a way to support our class as we all went separate ways during clerkship. When we heard funding was available for projects connecting medical students with alumni, we decided to launch the MD Alumni Mentorship Program.

Why add yet another project when everyone is so busy?

This was a time when we were making big decisions about our career paths – and while we had many mentorship opportunities in our first two years of medical school, there wasn’t a formalized mentorship program in the last two years.

Busy or not, it’s immensely helpful to connect with alumni, even if for one get-together.

So we made our foray into mentorship matchmaking, and had a few surprises along the way.

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Katie Mattina and Samik Doshi are MD 1T8 co-presidents and founders of the MD Alumni Mentorship Program.
Health Care operation room in Ethiopia.
Transforming Health Care in Ethiopia
In 2003, Ethiopia had only a handful of psychiatrists. Fourteen years later, a U of T and Addis Ababa University partnership has propelled that number to 70.
Cindy Lee Dennis
Leading Global Effort to Prevent Chronic Disease
UofTMed researchers will lead the Canadian arm of a $40 million research project to prevent chronic disease and advance child and family health worldwide.
Gary Bader
Finding New Genetic Variants in Breast Cancer
Donnelly Centre researchers help identify 72 new genetic variants contributing to breast cancer risk, as part of a major international collaboration involving hundreds of researchers worldwide.
Amol Verma and Fahad Razak
Harnessing Medical Data to Improve Care
Alumni Amol Verma, MD ’09 PGME ’13, and Fahad Razak, MD ’09 PGME ’13, are integrating internal medicine data from seven U of T-affiliated hospital sites, ensuring we keep learning from aging patients with multiple chronic diseases.
Prof Sharmistha Mishra
The Math of Medicine: Raw Talk Podcast
Prof Sharmistha Mishra, MD ’02 PGME ’08 (Infectious Disease), joins Institute of Medical Science graduate students and producers of the Raw Talk Podcast, on the magic of mathematics, infectious disease and stigma.
Taaha Muhammad
Food Basics for Future Doctors
A new workshop is bringing nutrition into U of T's MD curriculum. Now in its second year, the half-day event features hands-on training in how to buy and prepare healthy food cost-effectively, focusing on practical tips that can be passed on to patients.
Laurence Klotz
Dr. Laurence Klotz, MD ’77, PGME ’83
He moved against status quo, showing how less is often more in prostate cancer. Watch the 2017 Dean’s Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award recipient speak about changing the standard of care.
Kelly Metcalfe
Kelly Metcalfe, PhD ’02 (Institute of Medical Science)
Watch 2017 Dean’s Alumni Rising Star Award recipient speak about helping women with BRCA-positive breast cancer make the most informed decisions about surgery.
Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan
Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan, PGME ’06, ’12 (Psychiatry)
The 2017 Dean’s Alumni Volunteerism Award recipient speaks about helping to develop Kuwait’s first-ever national mental health awareness campaign called “Taqabal,” and watching stigma fall away before his eyes.
Celine Nathoo
Celine Nathoo, MSc ’17 (Physical Therapy)
“Seeing the impact physiotherapy can have on someone’s quality of life has been eye opening,” says Nathoo, who graduated earlier this month.
Mitesh Badiwala
Mitesh Badiwala, MD ’04, PhD ’13, PGME ’13 (Cardiac Surgery)
Mending broken hearts through transplant surgery and mitral valve repair, this surgeon scientist also develops new technologies to improve donor heart viability.
Dr. Bronwyn King
Dr. Bronwyn King, PGME ’09 (Radiation Oncology)
After years treating lung cancer patients, she was shocked to realize she had pension plan shares invested in tobacco companies and set out to change that.
Brian Goldman
Dr. Brian Goldman, MD ’80, PGME ’82 (Internal Medicine)
UofTMed alumnus and host of CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art on the need to talk about making mistakes in medicine.
James Maskalyk
Dr. James Maskalyk, PGME ’04 (Emergency Medicine)
Emergency doctor and author wins nonfiction prize for his new memoir, Life on the Ground Floor, depicting ERs from Toronto to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
Precilla Veigas
Precilla Veigas, PhD ’02 (Institute of Medical Science)
After a 2015 cancer diagnosis, she went on to achieve her childhood dream of earning a PhD last May. Veigas passed away in October, surrounded by her family.
Joanne Brathwaite
2017 University of Toronto Arbor Award Recipients
Committed volunteers Joanne Brathwaite BSc ’06, MSc ’11 (Nutritional Sciences), Stefanie Haws MHSc ’10 (Speech-Language Pathology), Agnes J Makowski BSc ’95 (Physical Therapy), and Prof. Emeritus Dr. Martin McKneally were honoured for their dedication and leadership.
UofTMed cover
Whoever Said, 'Laughter is the Best Medicine' Never Had Gonorrhea.
It isn’t a drug, has no negative side effects and is inexpensive — but does laughter deserve a place in health care?
Lots of Laughter at the latest UofTMed Inside the Issue, with MD student Tom Yeates, Prof. Jeremy Rezmovitz, IBBME student Salma Hindy, Prof. David Goldbloom and UofTMed magazine editor Heidi Singer.
Lots of Laughter at the latest UofTMed Inside the Issue, with MD student Tom Yeates, Prof. Jeremy Rezmovitz, IBBME student Salma Hindy, Prof. David Goldbloom and UofTMed magazine editor Heidi Singer.
Letters: MedAlumni Respond to Dr. David Goldbloom’s Ode to Humour in Health.
“When I saw the article by Dr. David Goldbloom in the MedAlumni Newsletter, I was prompted to reach out and let him know that his grandfather, Dr. Alton Goldbloom, saved my life and inspired me to become a doctor.”
— Dr. Gerald Sheldon, MD’62
“Thought you might be interested in our musical comedy Group, The Comedics. We’re a wacky group of doctors and associates who ‘specialize’ in keeping our audience in stitches (non-surgical of course). And to date, we’ve raised more than $2 million dollars for a number of local charities.”
— Dr. Eugene Turgeon, MD’70 (Listen to a recent interview on CBC Radio)
Real Medicine or Just a Joke?
We asked our Twitter followers if they thought this was an actual headline: “Attempting to Prove Masculinity Results in Over 8 Million Pulled Muscles Per Year.” 88% thought it was legit, and 12% didn’t. Take the full quiz to find out, and see if you can tell fact from fiction on other medical headlines.
Calling all Alumni Artists
UofTMed student group ArtBeat is looking for original artwork to display at the annual art show Synesthesia. Submit your paintings, photography, graphic design, poetry, sculpture or other displayable art by January 31, 2018.
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JUN 1-2
Leaf and Acorn MedAlumni Reunion: Save the Date!
When we asked what you’d want to do at our upcoming MedAlumni Reunion in June, so many of you reached out and weighed in. Thank you! We listened and are busy planning a CME-accredited workshop on physician wellness, family-friendly activities, MSB tours, the Dean’s Alumni Awards celebration and much more. Be sure to save the dates!
DEC 1-2
2017 Walter Wright Ophthalmology Symposium
Explore the most significant changes in glaucoma management in ophthalmology over the past decade, with updates from world-renowned experts in this two-day symposium.
Medical Record Keeping
Learn to identify the benefits of keeping good medical records, define the requirements and evaluate the relevance of electronic medical recorders in your practice, with this one-day interactive workshop.
IND-equity: Centre for Urban Health Solutions Lecture
As health system planners work on strategies to improve health equity, how will the needs of Indigenous people be considered? This talk focuses on moving from benevolence to a rights-based health care approach for Indigenous populations.
Master’s in Health Science in Translational Research — Info Session
Learn about this unique and practical approach to a Professional Master's education in Health Science, focused on translating health knowledge to action.
JAN 19
11th Annual Peter Munk Cardiovascular Symposium
This symposium will highlight the optimal assessment and management of patients at risk for the complications of cardiovascular disease.
JAN 25
Toronto Cardiac Tumour Conference
Focused on evaluation and treatment of primary neuroendocrine tumours of the heart, topics include diagnostic imaging modalities, surgical options and operations, chemotherapeutic treatments and pathological considerations.
FEB 25
31st Annual Update in Emergency Medicine
Improve your Emergency Medicine skills, including identification, assessment, and treatment of patients with a number of common yet potentially challenging problems.
FEB 26 – MAR 2
Leading and Influencing Change
This two-week intensive certificate program is designed for professionals interested in promoting excellence, innovation and change in continuing education initiatives for health professionals.
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From left: MedAlumni Director Julie Lafford; award recipients Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan, Dr. Laurence Klotz and Prof Kelly Metcalfe; and Dean Young
Dean Trevor Young presented the 2017 Dean’s Alumni Awards on November 22. From left: MedAlumni Director Julie Lafford; award recipients Dr. Mohammad Alsuwaidan, Dr. Laurence Klotz and Prof Kelly Metcalfe; and Dean Young. Next year’s awards will be presented on June 1at the MedAlumni Reunionfind out how to nominate outstanding alumni.
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